David Mannheim

Hi there,
I’m David

Advisor. Founder. Optimist. I help ecommerce businesses innovate and iterate product through experimentation; creatively and at pace.

Founding a 30-something person consultancy, I’ve been exposed to a variety of different maturities of digital businesses, mostly ecommerce

This means I can contextually apply thought and practice from many different experiences to any given situation from my 11 years experience.

I appreciate that makes me sound old.

I founded and led User Conversion, a conversion optimisation consultancy, hiring unique talent and working with sensational clients.

  • Sports Direct
  • Boots
  • Asos
  • Brewdog

After being acquired, I’m now working with the sensational Brainlabs for a couple of days a week as Global VP of Conversion Rate Optimisation developing and owning a clear roadmap for our world class optimisation offering. As well as holding an advisory position on a couple of ecommerce boards.

The biggest challenge I see too regularly is that digital optimisation folk are creatively shackled by best practice, minutia of UI tweaks, poor prioritisation and risk adversity; creating a product that is homogenisation.

I’ve helped businesses break that cycle by innovating at pace. Creating a culture of experimentation as an enabler to learn and iterate. And in turn, developing product that actually makes a genuine difference to our users and our bottom line.

Read more about my hypotheses on Linkedin here. All thoughts are my own.

TLDR, I truly believe that we, as online retailers, are stuck in a land of sameness – subconsciously or consciously – slowly trudging through the mud of arbitrary best practice.

I focus on the creativity of solving user problems quickly, using experimentation to truly prioritise our decision making and slingshot our innovation.